"Winter Gypsies #9" - Digital Art by Patrick Janicke

"Winter Gypsies roam the snowy winter wonderland in the Northern parts of fameland. Winter Gypsies float in the translucent chamber of ChurchDeluxe™ the ever morphing vertical vehicular, that serves as both temple and vehicle to travel a world full of obstacles. The Winter Gypsies are almost constantly making out with one another and as a side effect they are creating the sexual energy necessary for the giant vehicle to move. Watching the hills like a Hollywood tourist, it arouses them to watch all the unusual sights in the land of fame. This in turn keeps the circulation of energy perpetuating itself. ChurchDeLuxe™is therefore considered fameland's "perpetuum mobile".
From "Luxe & The Preacherman, the Illustrated novel by Patrick Janicke

"Winter Gypsies #8" and "Winter Gypsies #9" by Patrick Janicke. Each print is thousands of pixels tall and full of intricate detail. Designsfiction.com is proud to present detailed close ups of these fantastical digital paintings.

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