Concept Design Previsualization for Motion Pictures

For the film " A Thousand Words", Patrick Janicke drew about 30 conceptual pencil illustrations of a tree that in a way plays its own character opposing Eddy Murphy. Production designer Clay Griffith chose a final design and a life size model was built. That full size tree was scanned to help concept illustrator Patrick Janicke build an accurate CG tree model. He also created different bodhi tree type leaves with texture maps. As the tree's loss of leaves is an important part of the film's narrative, Patrick did a series of previz movies to study the tree's transformation. In the movie's story, each leaf represents a word. When the tree dies and has only a thousand leaves left, Eddy Murphy's character realizes he is left with "A Thousand Words".
© 2008 by Patrick Janicke, all rights reserved.

Vertical Vehicular Achitecture™

Church de Luxe - Vertical Vehicular - the adventures of Luxe & the Preacherman continue, promoting daily "PERSISTENCE"!
Soon to be seen at Gallery 800 in North Hollywood. Also available as a major motion t-shirt picture at ©2009 by Patrick Janicke, all rights reserved