"The Flowering" by Patrick Jänicke - conceptual art studies

Here are some of the preliminary studies for the 3D model called "the flowering". You can see part of the modeling process and experiments with an HDRI lighting setup, creating an environment for the (V16 engine powered) flying tree of life.

The Power of Intention

" Intention" by Patrick Jänicke © 2009, ink on canvas

The Adventures of Luxe & The Preacherman

- Only on designsfiction.com : Preliminary Design for Church de Luxe - the vertical motorhome™ - (based on a 3D model)
A sneak preview of the upcoming project of beneficial presence:
- "The Adventures of Luxe & The Preacherman" -
by Patrick Janicke © 2009 Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen