The Mechanical Surrealism Of Patrick Janicke

Mechanical Surrealism - The middle class isn’t disappearing, it’s moving!

Winter Rider by fameland print
Winter Rider by fameland by fameland
The Vanishing of The Middle Class? If you once belonged to what was known as the American Middle Class you might soon find yourself pushed out of your habitat, maybe even your professional playground. With a fameland vertical motorhome™ you can join The New American Nomads™, find freedom and easily adjust to changing circumstances by rolling across the hills of adversity. Embrace change and move on. Merge your home and workplace and ride this fantastical studio on wheels. Easily change locations in this bizarre economic landscape!

Immobilien Und Mobile Zukunft

"Food Trucks, Motor Homes and Mobile Clothing Stores. Mobile devices are getting bigger and better. More and more institutions that were once stationary like restaurants and hospitals will soon be on wheels. Everything is in a flux. The American Nomad™ of the future embraces the change! He is open to anything and attached to nothing. Well, almost nothing. He sits in the pilot's seat of Church de Luxe, his Vertical Motorhome™, traveling the hills of fameland in search for meaning."
From "Luxe & The Preacherman" by Patrick Janicke © 2012

The Art Of Flight - snowboard designs fiction

Flying into a dead tree and breaking its branches - who said life was fair?

Art by Patrick Janicke © 2012

The Rise of Silver

The Adventures of Luxe & The Preacherman, Episode 15:
"The Roach Coaches have evolved to highly decorated stylish food trucks, mobile restaurants invaded LA's streets. Then Retail Stores picked up the same idea and we start seeing boutiques on wheels in Hollywood. This trend is ongoing: avoid high rents and put all your stuff on wheels. Inflation you say? The Silver Surfer uses less gas than the Cafe Racer. So yes, we believe in the rise of silver and the emergence of The New American Nomad™."

The Adventures of "Luxe & The Preacherman" by Patrick von Janicke © 2012 All rights reserved

Patrick Janicke exhibits in "Three Artists You Should Know" January 2012

Thanks again to all you movers and shakers for attending the opening of "3 Artists You Should Know" last Saturday !
(you know who you are) For those of you who missed it, the doors are still open, come check it out! Among some well established pieces such as the Patrick Janicke trademarked Rolls Royce on tracks Vertical Motorhome, the show also features some brand new works of ChurchdeLuxe, The Return of The Gold Standard and a playboy mansion on wheels.

Gallery 800
5108 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601-3717 (818) 763-8052

Art Video - Gallery 800: A playboy's mansion on wheels

Gallery 800

5108 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA

Gallery 800 is the fine arts gallery of the Art Directors Guild, and works to showcase and promote artists and the talented professionals of the film and television industry. The gallery is located in the NoHo Arts District and holds various types of exhibitions and shows throughout the year. Some past exhibitions and events have included "Women! Images and Interpretations," "As Seen at Comic-Con," "Art Unites" and "Art Unites: Share the Holidays" among more. For more information as well as a digital photo gallery, check the main site or call for details on upcoming events.
Patrick Janicke's playboy mansion on tank tracks

Return of The Gold Standard

Luxe & The Preacherman returned with Church de Luxe when the Golden Child hit $2500 an ounce! A trip through fameland reveals that the future is golden for all of us!