New Invisible Plane design for Wonder Woman by Patrick Janicke

In February of 2011 Patrick Janicke was hired by Warner Brothers' production designer Michael Wylie to design a plane for a new Wonder Woman TV series. The plane was supposed to be no larger than an SUV and have a modern concept car feel. Patrick Janicke started out with pencil drawings and discussed early concept sketches with Hollywood art director Christopher Brown. Later he built a computer model of Wonder Woman's plane to explore all angles and POVs. Unlike a car design, this vehicle, the plane, moves in all three dimensions and will therefore be viewed from its underside too. It has to look good from every angle. That's why the final stage of Patrick Janicke's design involvement with this Warner Brothers project was to create a previz type film, an animation of a virtual camera revolving around the computer generated plane.

see a clip of the not so invisible plane in the new Wonder Woman TV show here:

Wonder Woman's new plane revealed